Berlin Beautiful Projects

City & Forest Clean-up Project

A group of youth and adults from contrasting cultural & economic backgrounds meet on select days in the spring, summer or fall to clean-up litter in city and forest areas in Berlin and Brandenburg.

Here is a photo from the morning in August 2018 spent with the teenagers from Berlin's Elisabethstift picking up litter in Berlin's Märkische Viertel.

City and Forest Clean Up Project Image

Cemetery Südwestkirchhof Stansdorf:

Each spring a special outing is planned to the cemetery Südwestkirchhof Stansdorf to participate in their annual spring clean-up. This culturally noteworthy cemetery is the resting place of many historically significant individuals from German history such as Gustav Langenscheidt, Walter Gropius and Werner von Siemens. By participating in the spring clean-up, PPSC volunteers gain not only a valuable history lesson but also have the opportunity to experience & interact with the stunning natural beauty of the cemetery through the activities of the spring clean-up such as clearing paths and gravesites. It is a most memorable outdoor experience that supports the cemetery at the same time. This outing typically takes place in late March. 

Cemetery Clean Up Image 1 Cemetery Clean Up Image 2

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Youth Photography Projects:

In 2015, from July to October, we ran the first “Share Your World“ photography project. This project brings together young adults from contrasting cultural & economic backgrounds and encouraged them to share their differing worlds and perspectives, all under the direction of a professional photographer. We were most pleased to have the photographer, Constanze Flamme head this project. For more details about Constanze please see

Here are a few images from the workshop weekend . . . 


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