Activities with Senior Citizens

We've all noticed them: the little old ladies and gentlemen who, for lack of anyone else to talk to, strike up conversations with cashiers at the supermarket or passers-by on the street - loneliness wrapped in friendliness, with life stories to tell and no one to listen. Here in Germany, for example, many of these seniors have personal anecdotes to tell about the Second World War, the division of Germany, the reunification of the country, etc. Since history unfolds constantly, no matter where one goes, there are seniors with stories to tell.

At the same time, young people today, due to the changes in family structures, lead lives without much contact to the elderly. Lack of such interaction keeps young people at a distance from the chance to gather wisdom and insight. Our initiatives aim to bridge such gaps. 

Youth - Senior Gaming Afternoons 

In early 2016, we brought together the youth from Berlin's Elizabethstift with the senior citizens at the Freunde alter Menschen e.V.. On several occassions, the young adults voluteered their time in the afternoon to play games with the senior citizens. Such afternoons foster transgenerational communication and understanding.

Activities with Senior Citizens

Follow us on Facebook to receive an update when then next gaming afternoon is scheduled. In addition to the gaming afternoons that we are currently hosting, we are looking for a team to implement the following initiative:


Youth-Senior Documentary Film Initiative

Objective: To bring young people and seniors together. The seniors speak in response to questions about their life experiences. The youth volunteers capture the responses in the form of short documentary films to be placed on YouTube.

Location: Berlin Friedenau or your local community

How You May Be Involved / Who's Needed:

  • A Project Manager or Team to reach out to schools and the local community to identify, engage and coordinate interested youth.
  • A Project Manager or Team to reach out to senior residences and the local community to identify, engage and coordinate interested seniors.
  • Camerawomen and -men as well as jounalists to guide the project.
  • Participating seniors and youth film directors.


The project management team will arrange gatherings after school and on the weekends. The young adults will be facilitated in formulating their questions and guided in basic filming techniques in preparation for working with their designated senior. Simultaneously, the interested seniors will be briefed and guided as to the topics about which they would like to speak. After the prep work is completed, these two groups will be brought together and the camera will roll! 

Target Date: To be advised ( In need of an implementation team! )

Does this sound like a project for you?

If yes, let us know here.


Activities with Senior Citizens
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